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BBA Award: Walter Johnson Award (Best Pitcher)

This is the next-to-last BBA award for this year, the Walter Johnson Award for the best pitcher, roughly analogous to the MLB Cy Young Award.  Our Chapter’s ballot:

1st Place:  Justin Verlander, RHP, of the Detroit Tigers.  He lead the Al in wins (24-5), ERA (2.40), innings pitched (251), strikeouts (250), WHIP (0.920), hits/9 innings (6.2), Strikeouts/9 innings (8.3), SO/BB ratio (2.96) .  What more do we need to say?

2nd: Place:  Jared Weaver, RHP, of the Los Angeles Angels.  He was awesome for the entire season.  18-8 record, 2.41 ERA (only 1/100th higher than Verlander), 198 strikeouts, WHIP of 1.010, 7.0 hits/9,

3rd Place:  CC Sabathia, LHP, of the New York Yankees.  Won 19, lost 8, 3.00 ERA, 230 strikouts, 1.226 WHIP, 8.7 Hits/9 and SO/9, 3.7 SO/BB ratio, and led the league in batters faced with 985.

4th Place:  James Shields, RHP, of the Tampa Bay Rays.  16-12, 2.82 ERA, 11 complete games (led AL), 4 shutouts (led AL), 1.043 WHIP, 8.1 SI/9, and 3.46 SO/BB ratio.

5th Place:  Dan Haren, RHP, of the Los Angeles Angels.  16-10, 3.17 ERA, 34 games started (led AL), 192 SO, 1.024 WHIP 8 H/9, 7.3 SO/9, and 5.82 SO/9 (led AL).  He is the only 1 of the 5 that was not an All Star in 2011.

Next up:  The Stan Musial Award for the top layer (MVP).