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A’s Win But Baseball Loses a Young Life

I had intended to jump up and down and crow about how the A’s hung tough and pulled out a victory in the ninth inning against the Angels last night.  But I went to the A’s website to get some statistics on the game and read the article about the tragic death of Nick Adenhart, the Angels’ starting pitcher last night. 

Nick pitched six innings of scoreless ball and was in line for the win when he left the game after reaching his pitch count.  But after the game, everything went tragically wrong for him, his family and the Angels.  He and three friends were driving through Fullerton, CA around midnight.  A minivan ran a red light and plowed into their car killing Adenhart and two others and injuring the fourth occupant of the car.

To compound the tragedy, the driver of the minivan jumped out and took off on foot, fleeing the scene.  How can someone do that?  Fortunately, he was apprehended nearby and taken into custody.  A passenger in the minivan was also injured.

For baseball fans the loss is great, his family’s loss so much greater.  Such a young life to be snuffed out so needlessly.  He was one of the Angel’s rising stars and by all accounts a terrific person.  We saw last night that he was becoming a fine pitcher, and he didn’t deserve this fate.  All of baseball mourns his death today.  The Angels rescheduled tonights game to honor him and allow his family to grieve in private.

The A’s released this statement today: 

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of Nick Adenhart and others involved in this morning’s accident. Our hearts and prayers go out to their families, as well as the entire Los Angeles Angels organization. As he demonstrated only last night, Nick was a very gifted pitcher with a promising future. For that future to be cut short is not only a loss for the Angels but for all of Major League Baseball.”

We mourn the loss of Nick Adenhart and the grief his family is feeling at this time.