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Jason Giambi (and I) are back

I have been MIA on this blog since May 1st.  Can it really be that long?  I was preparing for and attending my major landmark high school reunion in Western Massachusetts.  Every day I would say to myself:  I have to put up a new blog post, but I was far behind where I needed to be in the preparations for the reunion and it didn’t get done.  Well, I’m home now and plowing out from under 3 weeks of life’s other demands that also got put on hold since May 1st.  But I’m back and ready to write on all things A’s.

Jason’s Got His Groove Back: Jason Giambi has finally started doing the main thing the A’s wanted him to do this year:  take some of the pressure off the VERY young starting rotation by hitting homers and driving in runs. Yesterday (Saturday) he stroked his 400th long one and went 2 for 5, scoring 2 runs. He got a standing O from the fans and came out for a curtain call to a huge cheer.  Welcome back, Jason!

Garciaparra is Back too: Nomar Garciaparra, who came off the DL a few days ago, matched Jason’s line exactly yesterday.  He loves to swing the bat and rarely misses an opportunity when the pitch is anywhere near the strike zone.  We’re happy to have him back too, ticks and all.

The Planets Are Aligned:  The A’s got everything they wanted today.  Josh Outman pitched into the 8th inning, giving up only one run in the 1st, and saving the tired bullpen who pitched 6 innings last night.  The bats also did their part with Landon Powell hitting a 2-run blast in the 6th to put the A’s ahead 3-1. 
Landon Powel's Homer 5-24-09.jpgLandon gave Kurt Suzuki the day off, even though he pulled his hamstring on Monday.  After he hit the dinger, he tired not to limp (unsuccessfully), bringing back memories of Kirk Gibson’s infamous limp around the bases after his homer off Dennis Eckersley in the World Series. Is that a grimace of pain on Landon’s face above? 

 In the 7th, Jason Giambi hit a monster blast extending the A’s lead to 4-1.  He definitely didn’t gimp but looked like he had just shed 10 years as he sprinted around the bases. 
Giambi's Homer - 5-24-09.jpgFinal score: A’s 6, D-Backs 2.  Now that’s my kind of score!

That’s all for now.  See you next time.  Go A’s!!



Sweeney Saves the Day and Holliday Strokes a Dinger

I apologize for not posting an entry in over a week.  I have been under the weather for that period and we are without a hot water heater, because the old one decided some time ago to leak and rotted out the floor underneath it and the 2 nearby furnaces, which now have to come out so that the floor can be fixed.  GI showers with cold water are no fun!  Also, in less than 2 weeks I leave for a milestone high school reunion in Massachusetts which I am running, so I am tearing my hair out trying to get ready for that.,

Sweeney Saves the Day and Holiday gets a Dinger:  I hope you all saw Ryan Sweeney time his jump perfectly and reach over the wall to rob Ian Kinsler of a 3-run homer in the eighth inning yesterday in Texas.  It was a thing of beauty and saved the A’s lead.  I’m sure it made ESPN’s Web Gems last night.  Here is his being congratulated by Matt Holliday after making the spectacular catch.
Holliday congratuating Sweeney for robbing Kinsler of homer.jpg In the top of the ninth,  Holliday finally hit his first homer as an A.  I hope this opens the floodgates and he starts pounding the ball out of the park with regularity.

Eric Chavez to the DL?  Eric is one of the nicest guys on the planet and his presence in the clubhouse and the dugout are invaluable.  Having won more gold gloves than he can carry certainly speaks to his talent.  That being said, can he be healthy enough to contribute on the field or at the plate?  I just don’t know.  Last night, Bob Geren hinted that he might be headed for yet another stint on the DL. 

What Happened to Our Infield?  Yikes!  The infield was decimated in Texas.  Garciaparra and Ellis went down with calf injuries, Willy Casilla stepped down wrong on the mound and injured his calf and Brett Anderson got a blister on one of his pitching fingers, which is not a wimpy injury if you’re a pitcher.  It was a very bizarre game on Tuesday night in Arlington.  Jason Giambi gave his hanstrings too much of a workout in the same game and now he is day-to-day. I guess it’s back to the drawing board to raid the River Cats, once again.  Maybe we should activate Mike Gallego! 

Things were so bad last night that no one was available to warm up Michael Wuertz in the bottom of the ninth inning, so Manager Bob Geren, a former catcher, donned a mitt and crouched down behind the plate for a few pitches until Kurt Suzuki could get his gear on and relieve him.  Way to go, Bob.  I hope your hammies can take it. 

Now on to the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field:  Let’s hope the A’s left the injury bug back in Texas.  They open a weekend series tonight in Seattle.  The Mariners are sitting in first place at the moment, although as my brother in Seattle often points out, “They’ll fade!”  I hope he’s right.  The A’s are only 3½ games behind the M’s.  This series could change that in a big way.

Hold it, Hot Off the Presses!  The A’s just now put Chavez on the 15-day DL with a strained right forearm, retroactive to April 25th.  They recalled Gregorio Petit from Sacramento.  Petit was hitting a mere .238 at Triple A this season, but that is a whole heck of a lot better than Chavez’ .100 batting average.  Last year Gregorio batted .348 in 14 games over three stints with the A’s.