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My Novel: Contract Year: A Baseball Love Story

Several people have asked me to post something about my novel.  So here is a teaser:

Larry Gordon leads a charmed life.  He’s is dating Gina Green, a beautiful pediatrician working at a local hospital, a five-tool player in baseball lingo. Larry is a successful major league pitcher for the Oakland Renegades.  He’ll earn big money in the free agency market at the end of the upcoming season if he plays well.  Larry isn’t worried.  He’s at the top of his game.

As the novel opens, Gina has just walked out on Larry.  After having making love, Gina brought up the subject of marriage.  He freaked out and inadvertently admitted he’d had sex with other women on the road while he’s been sleeping with her.  Angry and hurt, she walked out on him, ending their five-month relationship.

Determined to put Gina behind him, Larry goes off to spring training to prepare for his contract year and forget about her.  Unfortunately, things don’t go so well for him on the pitcher’s mound, and the one-night stands with the baseball groupies aren’t as satisfying as they once were,  largely because thoughts of Gina haunt him while he’s having sex.  Sometimes he can’t perform in bed, which rocks him to his core.

Once the season starts, Larry’s ups and downs on the mound continue, and his earned run average balloons to over 6.00.  Bob Jacobs, his agent, tells him in no uncertain terms that he’d better get his act together, or he won’t be able to get him a big-money contract in the fall.

Thus begins Larry’s journey to find himself on the mound and in life.  It’s a bumpy, at times hilarious, and poignant coming of age story of a gifted athlete trying to win his girlfriend back and take the Renegades to the postseason.

I have queried 5 agents, but haven’t heard from 4 of them (not uncommon as the new rejection is now silence).  The rejection I did get was very nice and encouraging.  I will also query some smaller publishers, but if I don’t have any serious interest in the next few months, I’m going to publish it online (Smashwords and Amazon) and market it aggressively.  Let me know what you think and I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.  And thanks for your interest in my magnum opus.