What’s in a name: Stomper

At the pool where I take a water excercise class, there is a life guard who always wears an A’s hat.  Recently I found out that his name is Thomas Proell, and he named Stomper, the A’s Mascot.

In 1997, when Thomas was a second grader at Indian Valley School, in Walnut Creek, CA, his teacher asked the kids to come up with a name for the A’s elephant that was and still is the mascot of the team.  He went home and talked it over with his mother and said he wanted to submit the name “Stomper” as his choice.

Stomper was chosen as the best name submitted by the class, and his teacher sent it on to the A’s who were running a contest to come up with a name for the elephant mascot. 

“Stomper” was selected by the A’s, and Thomas and his family were invited to the opening day game on April 2nd where the name was unveiled.  He got to throw out the first pitch that day, and he and his family got to sit in a box for the game.  In addition, he was given season tickets for 4 years after that.  He has remained an A’s fan ever since, as evidenced by his hat.

Thomas is 22 years old,  has completed the required coursework and is certified as an EMT.  He is currently lifeguarding and taking classes at Los Medanos College in fire science and other classes related to becoming a paramedic.  He lives in Pittsburgh, CA.

Thank you Thomas for naming Stomper.  It’s a great name!


  1. Sherry Lantz-Romano

    Thanks for the informative blog. Stomper is a great name. I really enjoyed the chapter from your book as well. If this was cut I can’t wait to read what got published!

  2. Jean Georgakopoulos

    Charming story. I like the serendipity of your discovering the man who named the mascot as you are publishing your novel.

  3. Bee Hylinski - Author and Baseball Fan

    Thanks, Sherry, for the kind words. I don’t know if I’ve told you but you can now get my novel on my website: http://www.contractyearnovel.com, of you can get it directly from me if we got together at the ballpark. Are you going to the game on either July 2nd or 31st? If not, I am volunteering on May 26th, June 16th, June 21st, June 23rd, July 4th, July 7th, and July 21st. Maybe we could meet up on one of those days. On July 2 and 31st, we could do the Westside Club and go to the game together. Let me know your pleasure

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