BBA Award: Willie Mays Award (Rookie of the Year)

As President of the Oakland A’s Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA), here is our chapter’s ballot for the Willie Mays Award, which is analogous to the MLB Rookie of the Year Award:

1st PlaceMark Trumbo, 1B, the Los Angeles Angels.  This may be a somewhat controversial pick, and it was not unanimous among our chapter.  However, under the BBA point system, he edged out Michael Pineda by 1 point and Ivan Nova by 2.  No question that Trumbo was perhaps the most valuable player to his team, playing predominently 1st base, but also all three 3 outfield positions.  His 29 runs, 87 RBI’s, and 137 hits carried the Angels to a credible postseason bid, despite having a team that was short on talent.  On the negative side was his .291 On Base Percentage, but his fielding percentage at 1B was .993, and 1.000 in the outfield, both outstanding.

2nd Place:  Michael Pineda, RHP, Seattle Mariners.  Pineda gave a much needed lift to a foundering Seattle Mariners team.  His record of only 9-10 can be attributed in great part a team  that had trouble hitting and winning games.  He finished with 173 strikeouts, but gave up only 55 walks (over 3:1 ratio), and had a 1.099 WHIP (walks + hits/inning pitched).  His ERA was 3.74 and he was an All Star in 2011.

3rd Place:  Ivan Nova, RHP, New York Yankees.  This 24-year-old pitcher in his 1st full year in the majors, managed to thrive despite the New York media glare and finished with a record of 16-4, an ERA of 3.70, and a WHIP of 1.355, second only on the team to CC Sabathia in all 3 stats.  With the other Yankee starters not living up their high-priced potential, “Super Nova” was instrumental in getting the Yankees to the post season.

Next up:  the BBA Walter Johnson Award (top starting Pitcher)

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