Ugh! No change in the Coaching Staff For 2010

I have written about this subject before:  Bob Geren hasn’t a clue how to manager a team.  Were you as deflated as I was when the A’s announced last week that the coaching staff for 2010 will be the same as in 2009?  As I wrote in my last blog, the attendance for games other than the “Premium Games” (Giants, Red Sox, Yankees, etc.) has been dropping dramatically since July.  Midweek night games drew somewhere around 7-8000 fans on average.  That’s terrible.

Billy Beane won’t get rid of Geren because they are BFF’s.  So we have Bob at least until the end of the 2010 season.  The team has an option for 2011, which I hope they don’t exercize.  Here they are, 2 smiles and what almost looks like a sneer, at the presser when  they announced Jason Giambi’s signing in January. 

Beane, Giambi and Geren - 1-7-09.jpg

Billy, how’d that work out for you, as Dr. Phil would ask? 

I don’t fault Giambi.  Geren asked him to do something he wasn’t capable of doing:  playing in the field almost everyday.  Jason, being a good sport, did it, but he played in pain a lot and his hitting suffered.  Look what he did at Colorado after BB+G let him go (and did it badly!) where he was used largely as a pinch hitter! 

So what can we do about Geren?  As I have suggested before,  we fans need to start a letter-writing campaign asking Lew Wolff to force Billy Beane to fire Bob Geren as manager, or at least not rehire him in 2011 .  Maybe BB can give him a job in the front office, but let’s get him out of the dugout.

I tried to find an email address for Lew Wolff, and was unsuccessful.  But here’s Lew Wolff’s snail mail address:

Lewis N. Wolff, CEO

Wolff-Di Napoli Development Co.

11828 La Grange Ave.

Los Angeles, CA  90025-5212

Let’s flood his inbox with letters.  Be respectful and don’t use profanity, threats or ad hominem attacks.  Just tell him why you think Bob Geren has to go.  Who knows?  He might just listen to us if enough of us write.  My letter will be in the mail tomorrow.  

Idea!  Carney Lansford is available.  Maybe we could get him!  Make Ty Waller the manager and Carney the bench coach for 2010!  Wouldn’t that be neat?  Certainly a lot better than what we had this year.  Oh well, it’s wishful thinking, I’m afraid.  But I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Upcoming Topics:  “Some Last Thoughts on the 2009 Season”, “Is it Dangerous to be a Fan?” and more.  Check back periodically.  I won’t be blogging as often as I do during the season.  I have to concentrate on the final rewrite of my novel.  I plan to start looking for an agent and/or publisher after the first of the year.  Wish me luck.

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