A’s Can’t Solve Santana or the Angels

I was at the game last night.  The A’s played well but the Angel’s guys are just bigger, stronger, better and luckier than our guys.  They belong in first place and, I am sorry to say, we belong in the cellar. 

I still love the the A’s but someone needs to show some leadership and get them to play at a higher level.  They look like they don’t have much of a fire in their collective bellies. No one made any real mistakes last night, except maybe Dallas Braden,
Dallas Braden.jpg
 who gave up 6 earned runs on 10 hits, his worst appearance of the season.  Aside from him,  the rest of them  just look lackluster. 

Of course, Santana has baffled the A’s for a long time.  His record against the A’s is now 10-1.  But he didn’t have his good stuff last night and we still couldn’t do much against him.

The nail in the coffin was probably Howie Kendrick’s phenominal stab of a screamer hit by Jason Giambi that could have been a run-scoring double, but resulted in a double play instead.  Not the kind of Double-Double that I like.  After that happened, it seemed that the whole stadium heaved a sigh of resignation.  It was sad really.

The only bright spot was Matt Holliday’s towering homer.

Holliday Homer.jpgMaybe today’s game will be different.  I sure hope so.  But something needs to happen to shake things up.  Because isn’t the definition of “crazy” doing the same thing and expecting a different result?


  1. joellen.ademski@uboc.com

    Finally figured out my password so I can post! It is so frustrating to watch the A’s these days. Then every once in awhile like the Mazzarro debut or the game in Boston the other night they perform and it gives you hope. Braden was great the last time I saw him pitch –just nothing consistent.

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