Terrific Game Opens Toronto Series

The A’s opened a 6-game series on the road in Toronto Friday night.  A’s startier Josh Outman got knocked around by the Blue Jays, starting with a screaming homer by Marco Scutaro on the first pitch of the game.  Outman gave up 4 more runs in the third, two of them earned, putting th A’s in the hole 5-1.  “Poor, quite poor,” Outman admitted.  “Our bullpen has been excellent, but I’ve got to make it through five [innings].  I’m killing the bullpen.”  Said bullpen, which shut down the Jays league-best offense for the rest of the game, ranked third in American League with a 3.19 ERA before the game.  “It’s pretty impressive,” said Bobby Crosby.

But the real story happened when the A’s had bats in their hands:  they scored 7 unanswered runs: 4 in the 4th, 1 in the 7th and 2 in the 8th, to win it 8-5. 

The big hit came from an unlikely source, newly-minted utility infielder, Bobby Crosby.  In the 4th inning, he stroked his 2nd hit of the season, a line-drive triple to the center field wall which cleared the bases which were loaded with A’s, That hit put the A’s back in the game 5-4.   A wild pitch scored Crosby from 3rd to tie it up. 

Bobby also made some nifty plays at third base.  He said after the game he is getting more comfortable playing the other infield positions than his historical spot at short stop. 

In the 7th inning, Matt Holliday’s double scored Orlando Cabrara to give the A’s the lead for good.  In the 8th, Mark Ellis singled, scoring Suzuki who doubled. Ellie then stole 2nd and went to 3rd on a wild pitch.  Sweeney hit a grounder to 3rd driving in Ellis,
 to complete the scoring. 
Ziegler High-Fiving Suzuki.jpgBrad Ziegler high-fives Suzuki (at right) after closing it out in the ninth.

This is the kind of game I hope we will see for the rest of the season.  The guys showed that they don’t give up when the starting pitcher gets in trouble.  It is a real pleasure to have some bats in the middle of the order, which has inspired everyone on the team, especially the guys at the bottom of the order. 

On another note, the A’s called up Dan Giese from Sacamento.  Maybe they want to get a look at him, since he was claimed on waivers from the Yankees on April 8th.  Otherwise, I would have thought Jeff Gray would get the call.




  1. masta.wong@yahoo.com

    Great game and great outcome. Interesting that Bobby Crosby has been playing even better at third base!. He seems more comfortable and with Chavez out, we need someone to step up! Great to see him do well on offense as well!

    Lets hope the rookie pitchers continue to do well and lets get the the guys off the bases!


  2. tulipapi@yahoo.com

    Wow! Great commentary on your A’s! I have read four of your entries and I like your commentary–easy to read, even for a non-sports person like me! Keep ’em coming!

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